Andy Reilly

Mixing, the final piece of the puzzle……
After having spent weeks or months practically living with a song, sometimes it's time for a fresh set of ears, maybe just your next single from your upcoming Album or E.P, or maybe your whole project.
If you've done all the groundwork and everything is tracked and everyone is happy but the mixes just don't pop, or just don't quite do it for you, or you tracked at your bands home studio and got everything down in your own time but the material just needs some tightening up, a little editing, a little tuning, and a great mix, then that is where I come in.
Working in the business since 1986 starting in London UK and working on countless albums training with the best in the best analog studios, from teaboy to assistant, from assistant to engineer, from engineer to freelance engineer and on to producer, and then re-locating to the U.S.A and having my own studio, Muse Productions, here in Atlanta since 2005 has given me the years of experience it takes to learn this craft.
Setup is easy with the internet. We can send project files back and forth at lightning speed. You are no longer limited by geographic limitations determining who you can work with, I have recently been successfully working on projects from the UK and Europe right here from my studio in Atlanta. Just consolidate your audio files and send them on over. It's as simple as that! The studio is also available for tracking and mixing full projects for those more local to Atlanta.
Check out some examples of my work here on the site, and if you like what you hear then contact me and I will gladly talk further with you about mixing your project